As a child, our parents told us that education is one of the greatest gifts that they can give.

I believe that, because if not for their sacrifices just to give me the best education that they can afford, I would not be where I am now: all those skills, knowledge, values and discipline acquired have molded me and built my character to face the real world.

Now that I am parent myself, I believe this even more. Investing for my children’s education will give them the knowledge and tools needed in this world–even after when I am long gone. The skills and knowledge are just extras for me, really—what matters most is that get the right values to live a life of significance.

And I am sure that just like me, all parents would want the best education for their kids. In fact, education is not the concern of parents only—there are those who, because of family responsibilities, are also responsible for providing education for sibling or other family members as well for that matter.

Yet the cost of education is staggering—even in today’s standards. In fact, Preschool now can even be more expensive than college tuition fees! For example, a preschool can cost anywhere between P25,000 to as much as P150,000 per year, depending which area you live in. Elementary could be at least P50k to as high as P150k per year, while high school could be as much as P80k to P100k per year.

College tuition fee ranges from P30k to as much as P100k per semester—and these are just for simple courses that do not require much materials and collaterals. Just imagine expenses for science-related courses like engineering, architecture, medicine, etc.—I would imagine that they would be significantly higher.

These are just the prices today. But how much more for the future when these rise with inflation?

A Book To Help You

The challenge that parents face is real. That is why Fitz and I have done extensive research and came up with a book to guide them in building their child’s education fund.

We checked out how schools actually increase their tuition fee rates, national statistics, government regulations, current tuition fee rates, as well as scouted the different investment vehicles in the market that’s best for education funding, not to mention various portfolio management strategies to ensure that parents would have the right amount of money that they need, when they need it.

The book is actually more of a tool and a guide on how to design, do and manage your own education fund–and we also shared on other practical tips (such as where to get scholarships, etc.) as well.

Education need not be expensive—if you start early and start today. And with our new book, we hope to reach out to more parents—and kind-hearted relatives—who want to give the best education to their children, nephews, nieces or even distant relatives. Because our legacy—their education—can now be more affordable.


About the author
Rienzie Biolena, RFP® is one of the pioneering Registered Financial Planners in the Philippines. Apart from this profession, he is also a writer, speaker, and trainer on financial literacy. He is currently the CEO of Wealth Arki, Inc.