There’s a deluge of insurance products nowadays that can easily overwhelm consumers. When having options is supposed to help, being faced with myriad ones can offer the opposite: it can paralyze and leave a person feeling confused, if not helpless. Add to that the hard sellers who seem to push their flavor of the month–or the one with the most commission.

A product-centric industry, which leaves the person completely out of the picture.

But the game does not always stay the same. New players always come in: those who change the rules and see what can still be done to make it even better–a new way of doing things…easier, faster, and better.

Before, the client was the receiver of insurance proposals, but now they can have the power of choice, right at their own fingertips. Before, voluminous papers needed to be reviewed and signed to be insured; now, it’s as easy as viewing them on a mobile phone. Before, insurance agents press and persist for a sale; now, you can already get your insurance at your own pace, time, and convenience.

And this is where Troo Flex comes in.

Powered by EastWest Bank, one of the leading Philippine banks by assets, and Aegeas, a multinational insurance company based in the UK, Troo Flex is an insurance that is fast and easy–all available on mobile. With Troo Flex, clients can choose and customize their insurance coverage that suits their needs and budget.

Minimum insurance coverage starts at P100k, so if you feel that you still do not need a huge amount of coverage or have a minimal budget, you can start with that, and just work your way up as your needs and resources expand. Another advantage of Troo Flex is that the coverage is stackable: you can have as many policies as you can up to P1-M in total. That’s total flexibility for your needs and budget.

Not only that, but you can also choose and customize your own benefits. With Troo Flex, you can select from the riders that you feel fit for your goals. You can choose from any of these:

  1. A Critical Illness rider where you can get cash equal to 100% of the amount of your coverage if you get diagnosed with cancer or suffer from a heart attack or stroke;
  2. Accidental Death Benefit where additional cash equal to 100% of the amount of your coverage for death due to an accident, and;
  3. Accidental Disablement Benefit where you can get cash up to 100% of the amount of your coverage if you get total & permanent disability and become unfit to work due to an accident.

The best part of this is that you can already be insured without breaking your budget: you can get it as low as P300 yearly!

To apply, just download a Komo app from the following:

Komo ( is a digital banking service app by EastWest Bank that aims to provide more control and flexibility to users in managing their money.

Once downloaded and your account is verified, you can already apply for your Troo Flex insurance at your own time and convenience. In just a few taps, you can already get insured and have peace of mind. Just make sure that you answer the questions as accurately as possible so Troo can give you the best pricing for your chosen need and coverage.

You can email [email protected] should you have questions on personal finance and money management questions on Troo Flex and they will reach out to you fast.